Plan 3

For hairdressers looking for inspiration, opportunity, creativity, stage presentations prospects, networking, mentoring and industry wide recognition. A great platform to be recognised and inspire the next generation 


£19.95 per month inc VAT

You can cancel at the end of any payment period

What's included

​All of plan 2 plus the following:

1. Mentoring

  • Unique training programmes across a full year focussing on Colour, Men’s hairdressing, and the original PROJECT X described as the ultimate hairdressing finishing school.  (additional fee payable)

  • Hands-on practical, face to face, workshops delivering a variety of skills

  • Our Young Artistic Team and receive extra educational opportunities and stage presentation prospects. 

  • Our flagship Creative Artistic Team, the F.A.M.E. Team which has launched so many hairdressers’ careers​

2. Stage presentation opportunities at Fellowship events and exhibitions*

3. Gate 3; THE KNOWLEDGE – full access to an amazing digital library resource

4. Complimentary tickets to selected Fellowship events*

5. Enter the Fellowship awards: the very best place to be recognised

6. Promote yourself and your business in the Fellowship online directory

7. Advertising opportunities in digital and in print

8. Networking opportunities

  •  with your hairdressing icons

  • with business leaders

  • Fellowship VIP inner circle

  • Sponsorship opportunities